Balneotherapy - spa treatment - is one of the oldest forms of prevention and treatment of the disease. It uses extremely rich mineral springs, the so-called miraculous wells. The chemical analysis of the spring in Konstantinovy Lázně confirmed the highest content of free carbon dioxide in the Czech Republic. The main treatments in Konstantinovy Lázně are based on the use of the curative effect of carbon dioxide.

The spa treatment is comprehensively and also individually designed for every guest. It includes regimen, diet, exercise, and medication treatments, and balneological and physiotherapeutic procedures. The stay also includes the control of risk factors, primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the muscular system within individual or group education.

The centre of the spa care is the Spa Hotel Prusík, where a complex medical background is located, including doctors' offices, treatment room, early rehabilitation centre with ECG monitoring, sampling room, echocardiography, ergometry, spirometry, exercise rooms, balneology and many others. The medical team consists of educated physiotherapists, general nurses and physicians with expertise in rehabilitation and physical medicine, internal medicine and cardiology since there is a large group of the spa guests consisting of people after cardiac surgery and angiosurgery and guests after orthopaedic or neurosurgical procedures. All of this puts high demands on the professional qualifications of our medical staff. Of course there is a permanent, 24-hour health service provided by a doctor and two nurses.

Konstantinovy Lázně has a peaceful, unspoilt, nature and an effective healing source. The combination of these factors, combined with modern healing procedures, places Konstantinovy Lázně among the top spa facilities in our country.

Do you have a reservation?

Do you have a reservation?

What to pack

  • Valid Czech ID card or Passport
  • Regularly used medicines for the duration of your spa stay.
  • Clothes suitable for exercise, including gym shoes, outdoor field treatments and swimwear.
  • If insurance company pays for your stay: your insurance card and relevant patient documentation.
  • If a doctor's consultation is part of the stay: a medical report and the results of recent medical examinations.