Body Shaping

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Galvanic Treatment


A painless, non-invasive method for removing cellulite, stretch marks, and smoothing of the saggy skin. The galvanic device uses the effects of pulsating galvanic current, which helps deeper insertion of a conductive gel, specially formulated for smoothing of the fat pads and cellulite. Vibration caused by galvanic current and supported by the effects of key components of the preparation promotes blood circulation, stimulates the subcutaneous tissue, strengthens the collagen network, destroys fat cells, and improves cell renewal. The effect of strengthening and smoothing is usually visible already after one application. For a more permanent effect, it is advisable to repeat the procedure.

  • strengthens sagging arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs
  • smooths the dimples in the skin and reduces cellulite
  • rejuvenates
  • stimulates, hydrates , and refreshes the skin
  • cleans and refreshes the skin
  • reduces visible signs of aging
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Arms, Hands

CZK 505

25 min.


CZK 505

25 min.

Thighs, Buttocks

CZK 735

45 min.


  • skin diseases or sensitivity
  • allergy to metals
  • open wounds
  • pacemaker
  • gravidity
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