Nordic Walking

A very popular activity of our spa is Nordic Walking with special walking sticks.

Nordic walking positively affects overall fitness and mobility and improves blood circulation. This effect is also enhanced here by the influence of local, exceptionally high-quality air. As a destination for your walk, you can choose some of the interesting places around the spa to combine its health benefits with a tourist experience.

If you have never tried Nordic Walking, you can book a lesson with a professional instructor, who will introduce you to the walking technique and the local Nordic walking trails. If you do not have your own sticks, you can rent or buy them at the reception of spa hotels.

The spa park is the starting point of three differently long and differently challenging trails. Blue - a 1,6 km long easy trail runs along the perimeter of the spa park. The red route, marked as medium-length, with a length of 4.8 km goes first, just like te blue one, partially through the spa park, then it follows the marked Hradišťský vrch (Hradště Hill) natural trail, and after climbing to the highest point of the hill, it turns towards a flooded basalt quarry and continues along the nature trail back to the fire tank, ending circle at the spa park. The most demanding black route is 11.2 km long In the first part in again follows the perimeter of the spa park, then goes to the spa house Alžbětin dvůr (Elisabeth's Court), then joins the Krasíkov - Ovčí vrch (Sheep Hill) natural trail, which continues towards Dolní Polžice, Horní Polžice, Ovčí vrch, Krasíkov, and then in Kokašice, it leads towards Konstantinovy Lázně, where, below the Church of Our Lady of Lourde, it turns back to the spa park.

The spa regularly hosts a very popular Nordic Walking Cup. This race is designed for all able and also less able people, regardless of their age. The trails are divided into three categories according to the difficulty, so each participant can choose a route at their own discretion. Before the race, the Nordic Walking introductory lesson for beginners will be provided, and after collective warm-up, the mass start will take place. Together with the announcement of the winners of the individual routes, the youngest and oldest racer are announced, between whom there is often the difference of sixty years, proving that really anybody can try Nordic Walking.

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Cycling and in-line skating

The Konstantinovy Lázně micro-region is located away from main roads, making it a cycling paradise. There are about 250 km of marked cycling trails, and there are many cyclists who want to ride a bicycle just for a while, as well as more demanding cyclists who like to spend entire days in the saddle. In the vicinity of Konstantinovy Lázně, besides the recommended cycling trails, there are many hiking and nature trails for pedestrians; with a certain amount of consideration, you can also ride a bike there. If you do not have your own bicycles, you can borrow them from us.

Cyclists and in-line skaters have five and a half kilometres of trails reserved just for them in Konstantinovy Lázně and its surroundings. The local cycling trail, opened in 2013, connects Čeliv, Dolní Polžice, Konstantinovy Lázně, and Nová Ves. The base is about three kilometres circle of Konstantinovy Lázně - Nova Ves - Staré Lázně - Konstantinovy Lazne, from which there are "rays" leading to other destinations. The cycling trail has an asphalt surface, rest areas with benches and information boards. The starting point for those arriving by car is the car park in Staré Lázně, with the capacity of approximately 42 cars. Approximately 50 meters from the car park you will find crossroads with a tourist signpost and a drinking fountain for the trail travellers, including the four-legged ones. If you came to the spa by bike, you can get to the cycling trail right at the northwest end of the spa park. If you do not have your own bike, you can borrow it at the receptions of the spa hotels.

On the way to Dolni Polžice in the curve in the forest there is a height elevation, which can be difficult for in-line skaters.

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Konstantinovy Lázně offers various swimming possibilities - there are 2 hotel pools with year-round operation and several variations of seasonal swimming in nature available.

The most popular swimming pool is undoubtedly the swimming pool of the wellness centre by the spa hotel Prusík. A swimming pool with water warmed up to 32° C and a panoramic view of the spa park offers massage waterfalls, whirlpools, Kneipp walkway, aroma and Finnish sauna, steam and relax zone. However, this is not the longest indoor swimming pool; the longest one is located in the spa hotel Jirásek, measures 13 meters and it also features counter-current, so it is also suitable for more advanced swimmers; the water temperature reaches up to 28° C.

In the warm months, the offer is expanded by the possibility of outdoor swimming: an extraordinary place is the Hradišťský vrch (Hradiště Hill) and its flooded quarry surrounded by the beautiful scenery of basalt rocks. The quarry lake with an area of approximately 12,000 m2 offers clear water, number of water animals, sandy beach and refreshments. From June until the end of August there is also a 25-meter long swimming pool in Staré Lázně (Old Spa). There is also a beach volleyball court, a pétanque course and other sports activities. The object is guarded by a lifeguard and is also suitable for less able swimmers.

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A traditional French game for two 1-3-member teams that try to place balls as close as possible to the target, which is a wooden ball, the so-called piggy. The principle of the game is very simple, but the perfect mastery of techniques and tactics requires regular training. The distinctive advantage of this sport is that virtually everyone can play it. There are three pétanque courts in the spa and a set of pétanque spheres can be borrowed at the spa hotel Jirásek.


Due to the absence of larger industrial buildings, the local area is one of the highest quality environments in the Czech Republic. The surrounding hilly countryside and untouched forests are so exceptionally rich in wildlife. There is a great number of wild boars and sika deer, making high quality trophies here. Recently, there has also been an expansion of the Northern Raccoon. There is, of course, traditional deer, it is common to see a fox, badger, buteo, and in the winter months a mouflon game. From August to October, rapeseed fields in the surrounding attract flocks of common wood pigeons and on the local water areas you can see a large population of mallards.


The spa and its surroundings offer a number of sports facilities and other opportunities for active leisure time.