High quality and well-chosen diet contributes to good physical condition and speeds up the healing process, so eating is an important part of the spa stay. We make sure that the food prepared in our kitchen is not only tasty but also nutritionally balanced, prepared exclusively from high-quality fresh ingredients and without chemical additives. The specialty of our kitchen is food prepared from game from local forests and freshwater fish and poultry from the poultry house in Klatovy. Of course there is a choice of different types of diets that we try to adapt to the individual wishes of our guests.

Three hotel restaurants offer meals of Czech and international cuisine, in the form of a half-board and full board or á la carte. You can spend your free time, not only between the procedures, by sitting with friends in the popular Srdíčko Café. We recommend trying famous French pancakes, homemade cakes and premium coffee La Boheme. In nice weather, the café and restaurant offer seating at outdoor gardens with stunning views of the spa park.


Board arrangement

Standard Board

Full board for clients of insurance companies with a comprehensive payment


Lunches served, selection from 2 menus + salad buffet  + tea/ Prusík spring
Dinners  served, selection from 2 menus + salad buffet + tea/ Prusík spring

 according to the health condition of the guest, the physician can recommend a particular type of the diet

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Comfort Board

Full board for clients of insurance companies with a contribution payment and for a self-payer.

Breakfasts buffet
Lunches served, selection from 4 menus + salad buffet + juice/tea/ Prusík spring
Dinners  served, selection from 4 menus + salad buffet + juice/tea/ Prusík spring

More drinks according to the drink menus of the individual restaurants for a fee.

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Principles of Our Kitchen

The meals prepared meet the latest knowledge on healthy diet. We cook everything from fresh, high quality food, without using any ready-to-cook food. We don’t use substances harmful for human health in any form.

 artificial additives  genetically modified raw materials   trans fatty acids   artificial sweeteners  concentrated high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)   monosodium glutamate

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Types of diets

Based on the exam, the spa physician may suggest one of the following diets:

Gastric diet

For long-term digestive disorders, gastric and duodenal diseases, states after gastric and duodenal surgeries. Dietary measure consist in favouring affected mucosa. Meal preparation – cooking, stewing, and preparations without fat, we serve small servings 5 times to 6 times per day.

 fried food  fish  smoked meat spices alcohol coffee chocolate  broth


Low-cholesterol diet

In patients with high level of cholesterol in their blood, i.e. increased quantity of fat substances.

glycids fats fried food

sunflower oil soybean oil fruit vegetables fish non-fat cheeses milk


Reduction diet

For obese people, where the energy intake in the diet is limited. We include fruit and vegetable days in the diet Meal is served 6 times per day in the weighed servings. Preparation – cooking, stewing, baking, and grilling. Meals are prepared without thickening; we serve no soups and no desserts.

sugar   fats


Diabetic diet

We serve meal 6 times per day and the carbohydrate intake is needed at reduced doses. The diet always contains fruits and vegetables.

sugar   honey

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Do you have a reservation?

Do you have a reservation?


  • Catering starts on the day of arrival with lunch and ends with breakfast on the day of departure.
  • If you book a half-board stay, you can pay for lunch on site.
  • Menu options are selected one day in advance. One menu is always vegetarian.
  • Choice of menu for the first day of stay can be done by e-mail or by phone no later than 3 days before your arrival. If the above requirement is not received, the meal for your first day of the stay will be chosen by the spa chef.
  • For gluten-free, lactose-free or other diet plans please state your order when you book your stay, no later than the day before your arrival.
  • For clients with limited mobility it is possible to arrange meals in the room after agreement. The request can be sent together with your reservation or arranged on the spot after your arrival.
  • Please read the Ethical Code of Restaurants of Constantine Spa.