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Premium Coffee

French pancakes

Homemade desserts

Homemade sorbet

Summer terrace in the Park


A café hidden in the middle of the spa park offers in particular a first-class coffee from La Bohéme roasting plant, French pancakes, homemade desserts, draught fruit sorbet, and refreshing beverages prepared from the spa spring. All goodies are prepared directly in our kitchen. So we can ensure the highest quality of the ingredients. We also choose our suppliers with the same care, e.g. Jure bio-farm (jams and plum jam for pancakes), South Moravian Kosík winery, Žusy bio-farm (Žufánek spirits and liqueurs) and the herbalist, Radmila Červinková (syrups for beverages from the spring).


40 persons

60 persons

Opening hours

Mo - Su 10 - 19    Th 10 - 22
January–May 10am–7pm
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Accepted Cards

Visa, V Pay, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, Diners Club, Discover, JCB

French pancakes

We do not use instant blends for making pancake dough. Our kitchen daily produces fresh dough according to our own recipe. All jams are organic and come from Moravian farms.

With butter, sugar, cinnamon and whipped cream CZK 69
With chocolate, pinch of chilli and whipped cream CZK 69
With local honey, lemon juice, walnuts and whipped cream CZK 69
With home-made caramel, hazelnuts and whipped cream CZK 78
With banana, chocolate and whipped cream CZK 78
With black currant jam and vanilla ice cream        CZK 78
With plum jam, sour cream and cottage cheese CZK 98
With apricot jam, roasted almonds and whipped cream CZK 98
With pear plum jam, rum, raisins and cottage cheese CZK 98
With cherry jam, organic cherry liqueur and whipped cream CZK 98
With apple jam, walnuts and vanilla ice cream CZK 98
With strawberries, pistachio nuts and vanilla ice cream CZK 98

Custom made pancakes

Assemble your very own pancake.

Pancake CZK 35
Strawberries 50g CZK 30
Banana 80g CZK 25
Vanilla ice cream scoop 50g CZK 25
Plum jam Unsweetened 50g CZK 29
Cherry jam Unsweetened 50g CZK 29
Apple jam Unsweetened 50g CZK 29
Pear jam Unsweetened 50g CZK 29
Apricot jam 40g CZK 29
Red currant jam 40g                 CZK 29
Raisins pickled in rum 20g CZK 29
Ground pistachio nuts 10g CZK 29 
Crushed walnuts 15g CZK 29 
Crushed roasted almonds 15g CZK 29 
Ground hazelnuts 15g CZK 29
Chocolate shavings 15g CZK 29
Honey 20g CZK 25
Homemade caramel 20g CZK 25
Whipped cream 20g CZK 25
Sour cream 50g CZK 25
Cottage cheese  50g CZK 25
Shreaded curd  15g CZK 28

Salty pancakes

By the daily menu

With chicken ham, cheese and salsa verde CZK 98
With mozzarella, tomatoes and basil pesto CZK 98

Cakes and pies

French pear pie CZK 49
French apple pie CZK 49
Chockolate cake 
CZK 49
Chocolate spiral CZK 49
Blueberry cheesecake CZK 49
Raspberry cheesecake CZK 49
Lemon cheesecake
CZK 49
Light yoghurt cake with fruit
CZK 49

Sweet glasses

Fruit garden in sour cream CZK 39


With light potato spread and chicken ham CZK 29
With mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh pesto CZK 29
With smoked salmon, egg, cucumber and lemon CZK 29

Draft sorbet

Refreshing home made sorbet. Our sorbet contains at least 60% fresh fruit, and DOES NOT contain flavors, coloring agents, gluten and lactose.

Seasonal sorbet: strawberry, banana, raspberry, apricot, cherry CZK 35
Sorbet with pieces of homemade biscuits CZK 40
Sorbet with crushed pistachio nuts CZK 45
Sorbet with slices of roasted almonds CZK 45


Lemon cookie CZK 8
Cocoa and pistachio cookie CZK 8
Almond cookie CZK 8

Mövenpick Ice cream

Mövenpick vanilla ice cream scoop
CZK 25

Cofee and melta specialities

Selection of La Boheme coffee prepared from 9g of coffee blend. 

Flat white double espresso, 70ml milk microfoam, served in a glass.

CZK 60
Espresso with milk CZK 45
Espresso Lungo extended by hot water, milk CZK 45
Espresso macchiato espresso, 50ml milk microfoam CZK 45

Cappuccino espresso, 70ml milk microfoam

CZK 50
Caffé latté espresso, 110ml milk microfoam CZK 50
Latté machiatto caramello espresso, 170ml milk, milk foam, homemade caramel CZK 60

Espresso doppio double espresso, milk

CZK 60
Viennese coffee espresso lungo with cream CZK 50

Konstantinolázeňská coffee espresso lungo with liquer Konstantin and whipped cream

CZK 55

Irish coffee espresso lungo with irish whisky and whipped cream

CZK 69
Espresso bianco, melta espresso, milk micro foam - decaffeinated CZK 40
Turkish coffee, milk
CZK 45
Algerian coffee espresso lungo with egg nog and whipped cream CZK 55

Loose tea

For higher blood preassure

CZK 45

Cleansing and healing

CZK 45

Immunity boosting

CZK 45

For digestion

CZK 45
Balm for your nerves CZK 45

Energetizing with Guarana

CZK 45

Manly power

CZK 45
Darjiling Indian black tea CZK 45
Chinese Senca green tea CZK 45
Rose hip tea CZK 45
Local honey 10g CZK 10
Punch Konstantin with local honey and lemon 0,2l CZK 55

Belgian chocolate

Dark 77% CZK 60
Milk 44% CZK 60

Cold coffee beverages

Affogato espresso poured over scoop of vanilla ice cream 

CZK 55

Ice coffee with ice cream espresso, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream

CZK 67

Frappé espresso blended with cold milk and ice

CZK 50

Ice cream beverages

Banana milk half of banana, cinnamon, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, milk

CZK 55

Beverages from wellspring Prusík

Drink with blackcurrant syrup decreesesfatigue, strengthens immunity, accelerates recovery

CZK 45

Drink with sea buckthorn syrup supports immunity, proper digestion and the cardiovascular system

CZK 45

Drink with cranberry syrup supports normal urinary function and immunity

CZK 45

Spa lemonade with freshly squeezed lemon juice and mint syrup

CZK 45

Spa orangeade with freshly squeezed orange juice and home made caramel

CZK 45

Other non-alcoholic beverages

Fresh orange juice 0,2l CZK 55
Apple cider, Cider house Lažany, 100%, sugar-free, 0,2l
CZK 35
Pear cider, Cider house Lažany, 100%, sugar-free 0,2l CZK 35
Apple and carrot juice, Cider house Lažany, 100%, sugar-free, 0,2l CZK 35
Apple and beetroot, Cider house Lažany, 100%, sugar-free, 0,2l CZK 35
Mattoni soft carbonated / non carbonated mineral water, 0,33l CZK 30
Kofola original 0,33l CZK 30
A jug of water with lemon or orange 0,5l
CZK 20

White wines

Winery Kosík

  0,1l 0,75l
Pinot Gris late harvest, dry CZK 32 CZK 240
Chardonnay, dry CZK 32 CZK 240
Müller Thurgau, dry CZK 30 CZK 210
Zweigeltrebe Rose, semi-dry CZK 30 CZK 210
Hibernal late harvest, semi-dry   CZK 295
Sauvignon blend of berries, sweet   CZK 295

Red and rose wines

Winery Kosík

  0,1l 0,75l
Frankovka, dry CZK 30 CZK 210
Frankovka late harvest, dry CZK 32 CZK 240
Zweigeltrebe, dry CZK 32 CZK 240

Other wines

Port wine Royal Oporto Ruby 0,1l CZK 45
Bohemia Sekt demi sec / brut  0,75l CZK 280

Distillery Žufánek

Konstantin 40% CZK 49
Višňovka (Cherry liqor) 20% CZK 30
Máta Hari 20% CZK 30
Ořechovka (Nut liqor) 35% CZK 40
Slivovice (Plum liqor) 50% CZK 55
Egg nog CZK 30

Beer bottled

Prazdroj 12°, bottled, 0,5l                                        CZK 42
Velkopopovický Kozel, dark, bottled 0,5l CZK 39
Birell semi-dark, non-alkoholic beer, bottled 0,5l CZK 33