Grill Park Restaurant

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Summer terrace in the Park

Grilled specialities


A seasonal restaurant with a seating area and a herb garden in the spa park. It offers grilled delicacies prepared with fish, chicken and pork meat and homemade sausages. The specialty of the barbecue house is the bun from the oven, served as a side dish of salty food or as a regional specialty - prepared as sweet. We tap a selection of beers from the production of promising small breweries and we have prepared a selection of great wines from Kosík winery for wine lovers. 


terrace: 50 persons

Opening hours

12:00 - 20:00 (July to August - every day, June and September - weekends only)

Accepted Cards

Visa, V Pay, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, Diners Club, Discover, JCB


By the daily menu CZK 50

Barbecue specialties

Chicken drumsticks CZK 85
Beef burger                                                              CZK 65
Pork neck, mustard                                   CZK 95
Pork sausage, horseradish CZK 55
Camembert with bacon, spicy dip                              CZK 75

Vegetable shishkebab, garlic dip

CZK 55

Side dishes

Mixed salad             CZK 55
Baked potatoes with butter and chives CZK 35
Garlic dip
CZK 10
Spicy dip CZK 10
Slice of bread


Prazdroj 12°, draft, 0,5l                                             CZK 42
Prazdroj 12°, draft, 0,3l                                             CZK 30
Birell light, non-alcoholic beer, bottled, 0,5l CZK 33


Lemonade, draft, 0,5l CZK 30
Lemonade, draft, 0,3l
CZK 18
Kofola 0,3l                                                                        CZK 30
Mattoni carbonated, non-carbonated 0,25l                                            CZK 30
A jug of water with a slice of lemon and orange 1l CZK 30


Winery Kosík

  1dl 2dl
MüllerThurgau, dry CZK 24 CZK 48
Cabernet Moravia, dry CZK 24 CZK 48


Mixed nuts CZK 20
Bag of chips CZK 20