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Sauna Taking

Benefits of Sauna Taking

Sauna taking increases the resistance of the organism and it is an effective prevention of common upper respiratory tract infections. Intense sweating (the average person extinguishes sweats out approximately 500 g of water within 30 minutes of sauna taking) helps the organs to get rid of the metabolites in an increased amount and reduces swelling in overweight people.

The effect of stimulating and tuning the nervous and hormonal functions is also significant. Sauna is a welcomed helper when warming up the joints in some orthopaedic diagnoses. Other benefits: skin cleansing, heart and circulatory system strengthening and vascular training, restoration of normal blood pressure, physical and mental relaxation, muscle regeneration after body strain. It is great to warm up the body before a subsequent massage.

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Sauna Rules

In order for sauna to be effective, come to sweat at least once a week. Sauna rules recommend the beginners visiting saunas at shorter intervals at first.

  • Do not come to sauna on an empty or too full stomach.
  • To enjoy the sauna undisturbed, we recommend visiting the toilets before taking sauna.
  • Before you first enter the sauna, make sure to take a shower.
  • Dry thoroughly, because dry skin sweats faster.
  • Sweating is also supported by a foot bath before the sauna - Kneipp walkways.
  • Do not use swimsuits in the sauna area, but wrap your body in a sheet or bath towel.
  • The stay in the sauna should be short but intense. Therefore, take the sauna on the middle or upper bench, but not longer than 15 minutes.
  • It is unsuitable to sit like on a chair, for there is a large difference in temperature on the feet and the head, which can lead to dizziness or headache. In the horizontal position, you will feel the warmth pleasantly evenly. The last two minutes are recommended in the sitting position, so that the blood circulation adjusts to the upright position and the blood is not poured into the legs at once.
  • In saunas, you can breathe either through your nose only or also through your mouth. When breathing through your nose, you may feel as if the air is burning. In that case, you can cover both the nose and the mouth with your hand. Breathe at the frequency you are used to.
  • When sweating, you can lightly wipe and stroke the surface of the body, which helps to open the skin pores and wash away the dirt from the skin.
  • After the recommended length of stay, or when your ear lobes, nose tip or nipples start to burn, step out of the sauna.
  • After leaving the sauna, take a cooling shower. If you have high pressure problems, avoid cooling shower. If possible, cool down including your head or at least the back of your neck.
  • Repeat the heat-cold procedure at least three times.
  • At the end of the cooling process, you can take a warm foot bath, which will cause the whole body to warm, up to the head.
  • If you repeat the effects of cold water, you will strengthen your blood vessels to increase the immunity of your body.
  • The final relaxation phase is not only a pleasant ending of the sauna ritual, but it also promotes the recovery of the organism. Do not forget to drink enough at this stage - chilled tea, mineral water, or selected isotonic sports drinks are appropriate.
  • Sauna will pleasantly relax you before the massage and sauna is also recommended after the massage.
  • If you have done the sauna properly, you will feel relaxed and tired. The beneficial effects of sauna would be abolished by alcohol consumption or smoking.
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Finnish Sauna

80 °C - 90 °C

humidity: 5%

BIO Aroma Sauna

60 °C - 70 °C

humidity: 30 %

Bio sauna is an alternative for those who are do not tolerate the high temperatures of the Finnish sauna too well. Warming of the body is slower and the guest may stay in the sauna longer. By adding fragrances, aromatic oils with beneficial effects come into the air together with the steam.

Steam Bath

40 ˚C - 46 ˚C

humidity: 100%

At a relatively low temperature of about 40 to 46 ° C and high relative humidity up to 100%, the body is slowly warmed in steam, so the steam bath is also suitable for people who cannot use saunas for health reasons.

The steam bath is particularly popular in women for its effects to the skin: moist heat expands blood vessels and pores and increases oxygen absorption, impurities and toxins are removed, and better blood circulation strengthens the skin. Regular stay in the steam bath thus contributes to revitalizing the skin and slowing the symptoms of aging.

The steam bath is complemented by light therapy, slowly changing the colour spectrum in the sauna, which has a beneficial effect on sensory perceptions.

Kneipp Walkway

A suitable complement to the sauna ritual is the Kneipp Walkway, which is located on the ground floor of the wellness centre.

Rest Zone

Relaxation is also part of the sauna ritual. For this purpose, there is a deckchair area with panoramic views of the spa park on the 1st floor of the wellness centre.