Pool and Relax

Wellnesscentrum, Lázeňská 210, 349 52 Konstantinovy Lázně Display map Hide map


  • water temperature: 28 ˚C to 30 ˚C
  • size: 10 m x 12 m
  • pool depth: 1,3
  • handrail around the pool perimeter
  • five massaging waterfalls


  • water temperature: 33 ˚C to 35 ˚C
  • capacity of each: max. 8 persons

Relax Zone

  • adjustable beds
  • snack bar - irregular opening hours

Kneipp Walkway

Kneipp baths are one of the oldest spa treatments. They use hot and cold water to promote tissue metabolism and blood circulation. The therapy helps in case of headaches and cold leg syndrome, neurovegetative dystonia, and starting varices; it relaxes ankles and joints, positively affects body blood circulation and blood circulation in limbs and contributes to hardening.

The Kneipp walkway consists of two tanks with pebbles, one water tank containing water at 40 ° C, and the other one containing water at 12 ° C. The guest walks in the warm water tank for approximately one minute and then in the cold water tank for about 5 seconds. This cycle is repeated several times. The last movement has to be in the cold water, followed by wiping the feet dry.