To Dolní Polžice


26. 7. 2024   13:30


180 min.


Spa Hotel Jirásek


Milan Veškrna


5,5 km

The walk takes you through the train and bus stations to Staré Lázně. Here the interpretation of history and the foundation of the spa will take place right at the Rudolf Spring. After leaving the inline trail, we will continue on the road to Bezdružice, but before the village itself, we‘ll turn to the airport, from where there is a beautiful view of the Bezdružice chateau and the whole town. The talk continues with the history of Bezdružice from its foundation to the present. We’ll continue through Dolní Polžice, where the lecture turns to the life and work of Kryštof Harant. We‘ll return to Konstantinovy Lázně around the rope center, pizzeria, football field and cottage camp.


The pace of walking is subject to the individual physical dispositions of the participants. The guides always try to accommodate any need for rest on the route. The destination and the route of the walk may change based on the wishes of the participants. The times and distances shown are informative.