Do Bezdružic


15. 11. 2019   13:30


180 min.


Spa Hotel Jirásek


Gustav Černý

On the train journey from the train station to the nearby Bezdružice you can a lecture about surrounding nature.

From the railway station the path continues to the square, dominated by Bezdružice chateau. During the guided tour of the chateau about one hour, it is also possible to see the unique private collection of hunting trophies and stuffed animals. It is possible to use the local train to go back, or walk "over the hill".
Ticket for guided tour of the castle - for a fee, in place.


The pace of walking is subject to the individual physical dispositions of the participants. The guides always try to accommodate any need for rest on the route. The destination and the route of the walk may change based on the wishes of the participants. The times and distances shown are informative.