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It is a part of physical therapy where the healing effect of various forms of electrical energy is used. DC currents - galvanization - four-chamber bath, low-frequency currents - diadynamic, high-frequency currents - shortwave diathermy. Virtually all currents have analgesic, vasodilatory effects, regulating muscular tensions to achieve total relaxation. Suitable for use in post-traumatic conditions, in orthopaedic and rheumatological disorders.

Trabert currents

CZK 240


CZK 240

Phyaticon 787

CZK 280

For-chamber bath

CZK 260

Bio lamp

CZK 200


The bioptron lamp is an effective source of therapeutic biostimulation light working on the principle of polarization of light emitted by a halogen bulb. When using biolamps, a biostimulation effect occurs - triggering and supporting cell-level processes in tissues. Good results are achieved when applied to postoperative scars, venous ulcers, decubitus, skin allergies and other skin defects.


CZK 220


It is based on the use of electrical energy of high-frequency currents converted to mechanical and heat energy, resulting in deep heating of the tissues. It improves local circulation and thus metabolism, leading to significant muscle relaxation, it has an analgesic effect and it accelerates the regenerative capability of the tissues.

Magnetic Therapy

CZK 300


It is based on the effects of the magnetic field on humans and its use for therapeutic purposes. Magnetic fields generally cause vasodilation, act analgesically and anti-inflammatory, they accelerate healing, and they have a myorelaxing and spasmolytic effect. Contraindications include pregnancy, pacemaker, bleeding, tumors (possibility of accelerating the spread and growth), extensive mycotic, viral or bacterial infections. Not recommended for hypotension and for patients with epilepsy, as it may provoke a seizure.


CZK 220


Elektrotherapie mit dem Rebox Gerät stellt eine einzigartige Behandlungsmethode dar, die auf der nicht invasiven transkutanen Anwendung spezifischer elektrischer Ströme basiert. Rebox ist wirksam bei der Behandlung akuter sowie chronischer Schmerzen und bei der Rehabilitation des Bewegungsapparates. Zu den Haupteffekten der Rebox Therapie gehören analgetische, myorelaxante und antiödematöse Wirkung.

Do you have a reservation?

Do you have a reservation?

What to pack

  • Valid Czech ID card or Passport
  • Regularly used medicines for the duration of your spa stay.
  • Clothes suitable for exercise, including gym shoes, outdoor field treatments and swimwear.
  • If insurance company pays for your stay: your insurance card and relevant patient documentation.
  • If a doctor's consultation is part of the stay: a medical report and the results of recent medical examinations.