Examination by a doctor

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Basic examination  CZK 1 200
Targeted examination CZK 660
Medical prescription issuance  CZK 370
Consultation with the physician. CZK 220
Assistive examination tasks
ECG  - at rest CZK 430
ECG  - stress  CZK 1 690
Echocardiography at rest  CZK 2 820
Doppler examination of lower limb arteries  CZK 790
Spirometry CZK 790
Other procedures
TK checks without doctor's order CZK 140
Injection application (performance only - without the drug) CZK 240
Venous blood sampling CZK 150
Prescription issuance CZK 140
Change of procedures schedule  CZK 150

Do you have a reservation?

Do you have a reservation?

What to pack

  • Valid Czech ID card or Passport
  • Regularly used medicines for the duration of your spa stay.
  • Clothes suitable for exercise, including gym shoes, outdoor field treatments and swimwear.
  • If insurance company pays for your stay: your insurance card and relevant patient documentation.
  • If a doctor's consultation is part of the stay: a medical report and the results of recent medical examinations.