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Underwater whole body massage

CZK 470

The underwater massage is performed in large bathtubs water temperatures of 35-37° C. The massage is performed using the water pressure from the mouth of the nozzle 10 - 15 cm from the body, by circular movements from the lower parts of the body up and we return back outside the body. Suitable for some post-injury conditions, spinal disorders, muscle pain. Contraindications include varicose veins, conditions after inflammation of the veins, pregnancy.

Underwater partial body massage

430 Kč

Alternating foot bath

CZK 250

10 min.

As the name suggests, it is an active stepping in the trays. One contains water at 40-46 ° C and the other contains water a 10-16 ° C. The procedure begins in warm water; after 1-2 minutes. the patient steps to the cold water for about half a minute. Application duration 10 min. It is recommended for blood vessels issues, cold feet, early varices, headaches, migraines.

Whirlpool bath of limbs

CZK 260


Recommended by a physician as a partial bath for the upper or lower limbs. Water at 36-38 ° C swirls with the use of a water turbine. The bath increases blood circulation, local metabolism and activates skin receptors. It is suitable for injuries or operations of the muscular system.

Bubble baths

CZK 400


A gentle massage of the whole body in the tub, at the bottom of which a perforated tubular grid is located, delivering compressed air. The gas bubbles act on the skin with a gentle massage. It has a beneficial effect on the human organism. Micromassage of the skin improves blood circulation. It has a sedative effect.

Bubble bath with an additive

CZK 440


A gentle massage of the whole body, when its effect is enhanced by the addition of herbal bath salts of the patient's own choice. Salts release muscle tension, eliminate pain, improve blood circulation to the skin and subcutaneous tissue and have a total relaxation effect.

Do you have a reservation?

Do you have a reservation?

What to pack

  • Valid Czech ID card or Passport
  • Regularly used medicines for the duration of your spa stay.
  • Clothes suitable for exercise, including gym shoes, outdoor field treatments and swimwear.
  • If insurance company pays for your stay: your insurance card and relevant patient documentation.
  • If a doctor's consultation is part of the stay: a medical report and the results of recent medical examinations.